Original Thai’s Southern Curry Paste

MaePhorn Curry Paste has been more than 40 years since 1976. The initiator is Mrs. Arphorn Wattanapruek or their children called “MaePhorn” (Mother Phorn).

MaePhorn have 15 children. She have a career selling food and dessert. She is a simple ordinary woman, live in Bang Bai Mai District of Surat Thani province. She is very kind, calm and like to help others, always think about others first and put other heart in mind. She is a simple women with the very simple life according to the old folkway of life that is a kind of society, closely linked together and people know the whole village.


Maephorn Curry Paste

In the past, Thai’s rural lifestyle, there will often has home-based party. The neighbor housewives will come together to cook and prepare for the party. Then, Mae Porn began to make curry paste for sell as a main occupation.

By the beginning, there are two types of curry, Garlic-Pepper curry paste (Jungle curry paste) and Sour curry paste. She made curry paste by the hand pounding method and she boat several kilometers to sell in town market.

MaePhorn work hard from dawn to dusk every day for her children which the image that her children see the familiar every day. She do for grow her children and be a career for them to date.

And one of the teachings that MaePhorn has given is “Surat’s people and other customers who we have to consider them to be our patrons. If they do not support us that there will be no MaePhorn curry paste today. So we have to make good products to serve and be honest for them”

MaePhorn curry paste is wildly accept and famous in short time because MaePhorn has the talent and proficiency in cooking  including experienced cooking in home-based events, so she know what local people liked. Moreover, she careful attention and clean every step since selection of materials. She know to use what kind, size and how old of materials for the best taste. Therefore when cooking with MaePhorn curry paste, it is easily to cook and delicious mellow taste.


At the Present

Although today, MeaPhorn’s talent of cooking and dessert become a legendary but there is still remember and talk about today. We may not taste the MaePhorn ‘s food and dessert anymore but one thing remains is “MaePhorn Curry Paste” that transmits from generation to generation which an authentic southern food taste.

However, MaePhorn Limited Partnership still maintains the intentions and teachings of MaePhorn, bring to implemented and adopted as a guideline for current and future operations.

For long time operation in a form of family business more than 40 years since 1976, there was registered to be MaePhorn Limited Partnership on March 29, 2016.

At present, we are produce and distribute more than 23 kinds of curry paste both original formula and vegetarian formula. We only use the best property and quality of 100% natural materials and ingredients.

Our products and production process are certified by Thai Food and Drug Standard (FAD), Thai Community Product Standard, codex GMP, HALAL and reward of Otop 5 stars, 77 select Otop.


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